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Corporate Banking Course

The Corporate Banking Course is an introduction course for staff who need to get familiar with the services that Rabobank offers to its corporate clients in the business unit Wholesale and Rural. In order to better understand these services, first the context in which Wholesale and Rural operates is described, i.e. the role of banks in general and the legal requirements for banking, the main principles of bank manegement and, more specifically, the Rabobank organisation. In the second part of the course the focus lies on the main services of Wholesale and Rural: Lending, Syndications, Trade Finance and Payments. At the end of the course the internal process of credit approval is outlined and, finally, Flexcube is discussed as the system that is used to process the majority of transactions with Wholesale and Rural clients.

The course outline is as follows:
    1. The Role of Banks / Legal Requirements for Banks
    2. Bank Management
    3. The Rabobank Organisation and its Wholesale Clients
    4. Loans and Syndications
    5. Payments and Treasury services
    6. Trade Finance
    7. Wholesale Credit Risk Journey
    8. Flexcube
Each topic basket has its own E-learning module. You can access each module by clicking on the link that shows the name of a topic basket in the left-hand side column. The links in the right-hand side column lead to quizzes that you can take to assess your knowledge. On the left-hand bottum-side you will find a link that leads to a file with questions that will be asked during the training sessions. The answers to these questions can be accessed by using the link on the right-hand side.