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E-learning Dealing Certificate 2022 Syllabus

This E-learning course helps you to prepare for the Dealing Certificate exam. The duration of the course is 80 to 120 hours. This course contains the following sections:

1. Financial Markets Environment
2. Foreign Exchange
3. Interest Rate Calculations, Money Markets and Fixed-Income
4. Interest Rate Derivatives
5. Options
6. Applications
7. Extra questions
8. Trial exam and elaborations

The links 1 to 6 on the left-hand side lead to the theory of the different topic baskets whereas the links on the right-hand side lead to quizzes. The more difficult questions in the quizzes for each different topic baskets contain direct feedback which will be shown on your screen after after a maximum of four attempts.

The trial exam tool selects 70 questions out of a database of over 600 questions and uses the same order as the official exam. For all calculations questions and for a number of questions about difficult concepts an elaboration is available in the printable PDF 'Aswers to the Trial Exam'. The questions for which this is the case are indicated with a code (e.g. IRC for Interest Rate Calculations).