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E-learning Dealing Certificate

Important notice

As of 11 September 2017 the ACI has removed the Model Code from the exam. The exam now consists of only 70 questions whilst the passing requirements stay the same: a minimum score of 50% for every individual topic basket and a minimum score of 60% overall. Consult the new Syllabus .

This E-learning course helps you to prepare for the Dealing Certificate exam. The duration of the course is 80 to 120 hours. This course contains the following sections:

1. Basic Interest Rate Calculations (freely accessible)
2. Cash Money Markets
3. Foreign Exchange
4. Forward Forward, FRAs and Money Market Futures and Swaps
5. Options
6. Asset and Liability Management
7. Principles of Risk / ALM & Risk reader
8. Trial exam and elaborations
9. ACI Formulae Sheet

The links 1 to 7 on the left-hand side lead to the theory of the different topic baskets whilst the links on the right-hand side lead to quizzes. The more difficult questions in the quizzes for each different topic baskets contain direct feedback which will be shown on your screen after after a maximum of four attempts.

The trial exam tool selects 90 questions out of a database of 750 questions and uses the same order as the official exam, i.e. 6 question about basis interest rate calculations, 6 questions about cash money markets theory et cetera. For all calculations questions and for a number of questions about difficult concepts an elaboration is available in the printable PDF 'Aswers to the Trial Exam'. The questions for which this is the case are indicated with a code (e.g. IRC for Interest Rate Calculations).

Homework tests

Only accessible for students who have subscribed to a classroom training course.