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E-learning ACI Diploma / Chartered Markets Professional

This E-learning course helps you to prepare for the current ACI Diploma exam. Please consult the syllabus to learn more about the exam. The duration of the course is 160 to 200 hours. You can access the modules by clicking on the link. Everything that you need to know for the exam can be found in the numbered material (1-9), either in the study materials on the left-hand side of the list or in the feedback to the questions in the quizzes on the right-hand side of the list. The readers at the bottom contain extra (but still usefull!) information.
Please read this file which provides you with some helpful information about the exam.

Note: The last update of this course was on 18 November 2020. Changes:
    • Financial Markets Environment course: content has been changed plus new questions were added
    • Financial Markets Applications (was previously called: Risk): new questions are added
    • Two new example questions about FX swap are added to the FX section - sheets 12 and 13
    • A document with remarks on the exam is added (see the last line of the introduction text above)
    • The numbering order of the sub-courses has been changed

Homework tests

Only accessible for students who have subscribed to a classroom training course.