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E-learning ACI Diploma Foreign Exchange and FX Options

This E-learning course helps you to prepare for the Diploma Foreign Exchange and FX options exam. Please consult the syllabus to learn more about the exam. The duration of the course is 120 to 160 hours. The syllabus of this challenging exam contains the following topic baskets:

1. FX Spot, FX Forward Outright and Swaps, Cross Rates, Forward-Forwards, NDF, Time Options
2. Valuation and Hedging of FX Positions and Arbitrage Opportunities
3. Fundamentals of FX Options and Pricing*
4. Greeks and Hedging
5. Structuring with Plain Vanilla Options
6. Standardised Exotic Options

* no inlog data required. This topic basket is open for viewing.

Each topic basket has its own E-learning module. You can access the modules by clicking on the link that shows the name of a topic basket. This e-learning course also contains a trial exam tool. This tool gives you the opportunity to take mock exams of 90 questions that you will have to answer within four hours, i.e. exactly the time that you will be given during the ACI exam. The tool choses exactly the same number of questions for each topic basket as in the exam from a database of over 300 questions. To the left of the link to the trial exam tool you will find a link to the elaborations. Almost all of the questions in the database have been given a code which refers to the elaboration.